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Terms and Conditions

Please confirm that you have reviewed and understand Liquidation Closeouts' policies and procedures for payment and shipping as well as all of our terms and conditions. Please acknowledge your agreement to follow these requirements as they are outlined below:

  • I understand that all items purchased from Liquidation Closeouts are Department Store Shelf-Pull, Overstock or Mark-Down Loads unless otherwise specified.
  • I am aware of both the potential risks and profits involved in purchasing such items
  • All Products are Sold As Is - All Sales are Final - No Cancellations - No Returns - No Credits.
  • Confirmation of a wire transfer payment is required prior to the shipment of goods.
  • The sale of the merchandise to the purchaser and subsequent sales or other transfers of the merchandise shall be subject to certain terms and conditions, including as set forth in this purchaser package. Specifically, purchaser shall commit to not advertise (or permit their direct and indirect purchasers) from advertising any of the merchandise in a manner that identifies, names or otherwise references the source of Department Store. Purchaser shall make such covenant a condition of its sale and require that its purchaser similarly make said restriction a covenant of any subsequent purchaser.
  • Private Label Policy: Department Store's operational sales tickets require liquidation clients to deface labels and /or tags on all private label products. Department Store's operational sales tickets must be removed prior to ultimate resale.
  • We admit that we are not perfect and that it is possible for merchandise for another shipment to be included in your purchase. Based on this, variances under 3% are considered acceptable as part of doing business.